Protecting Against The Elements

Premium Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Services

It can be hard to decide which type of insulation is ideal for your home or office. The knowledgeable crew at Armor Spray Foam is here to help you out. We provide residential and commercial spray foam insulation services at reasonable rates.

Our open-cell insulation is applied / sprayed on the material to maintain a continuous, solid, and air-tight layer that increases in volume by 100-120 times. Open-cell insulation perfectly seals even the tiniest of cracks. Our experienced technicians have come up with a unique application method that's bound to fit all shapes, corners and cavities perfectly.

The Advantages of Open-Cell Insulation

  • A single application serves twin purposes - insulation and an air seal
  • A high R-value of 3.7 per inch of application thickness
  • An air seal that's 7 times better than traditional insulation
  • A barrier for air-borne moisture content
  • 50% increase in power savings compared to conventional insulation
Another advantage of open-cell spray foam is that it can be applied to attics and crawl spaces where previously fiberglass or cellulose insulation were the only options. Don't wait any longer to replace your old insulation. With our spray foam insulation, you'll be able to make your home more energy-efficient and get complete protection from the carcinogenic properties of traditional insulation.
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